Gaming for Kitties 2019

Gaming for Kitties began in 2012 by Gen to celebrate the life of a grumpy, angry little cat named Feep who had passed away earlier that year after living a grumpy (yet pampered) life of seventeen years. I wanted to help other cats in her memory and chose a local animal rescue to do it. The event has gone from me noodling on my computer for a day to a weekend long event with prizes and side events like court reporter images and other people taking on challenges of their own.

Since 2012 we have raised over $70,000 for Big Cat Rescue and those numbers can only go up from there. So if you have some free time, why not join us for an amazing weekend?  How often does a person get a chance to help save endangered big cats and not even have to leave the comfort of their home?

The fun starts at 12:01AM on October 26th and runs 48 hours.  You can catch the stream via Tigerdile at

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Much of the clip art on this page was sponsored by various people. As thanks we used their characters on our web page. All of the art was done by Foxenawolf, who also does our court reporter images!